Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Weekend Things

I have had a great couple of weekends! I'm sure that is partly due to the gorgeous weather we've been having (it's been perfect. I'm talking Toy Story style clouds in the sky and everything) And partly lots of husband time and seeing friends for the first time in like 2 months. A recap:

• Me and Josh went for a picnic! We haven't done that in almost 3 years amd neither of us can figure out why. It was so nice. We were just sitting in the couch trying to decide what to do for lunch when the though popped into my mind. I asked josh what he though and he was all about it. We didn't have much in the way of sandwich fixins so I threw some fruit and pop chips into our basket ( an actual picnic basket if picked up a garage sale!) and headed to subway for sandwiches. Kind of cheating but oh well. We went to the park where we met and spread our blanket up on a hill and under a tree. It was glorious. We ate, people watched, napped, and talked. The perfect date in my opinion. 

• We went to see the new X-man movie with a group of friends and then headed to STEAK N' SHAKE afterwards. For those of you that don't know, Steak N' Shake is open until like 3 am and is therefore teenage central. We were severely outnumbered but it was fun in a nostalgic kind of way. It made this 26 year old feel young and reallyyyyy old at the same time. Hey, it was nice being out past 10 pm. 

• One of our friends informed is that there would be a huge meteor shower happening Saturday night so me and Josh decided to sit on the roof and watch. He had me go up first and told me he'd be right back. He came out with blankets and candles. So cute. We only saw one shooting star but that was enough for me *swoon*

• We had a bonfire at our house. I love doing this. I get all the food ready while Josh cuts the grass and sets out all the chairs and whatnot. It was just a few of out closest which makes it so comfortable and easy. I purposely left my phone in the house so I could thoroughly enjoy the stars and the friendship surrounding me. It was wonderful. After everyone left me and Josh put down a blanket by the fire and and just talked. It was one of those dream talks. The kind where you just spill your heart and soul and all your aspirations for the future. Loved it.

• I made lots of time for zee physical fitness this weekend. Me and my friend hit the fitness track at 6:30 on Friday morning and it was so much better jogging while watching the sunrise as opposed to the ab circuit at PF. I mean, I still love my gym membership but this was refreshing. I ran outside two more times which is something I'm working on. I can run like the energizer bunny on a treadmill but I really want to be able to run a 5k by the end of the summer. Josh even got on board! He went for a late night run and it was actually pretty romantic. It was so quiet, just the frogs, our footsteps, and breathing. And this amazing cloud that lit up the entire time. 

• I've started painting and I have found it to be remarkably therapeutic! Me and a friend had a crafting afternoon and I had had painting at the back of my mind so I went to Michaels, bought ALL the Martha Stewart colors, and went to town. It makes me happy. 

• I finished the Divergent series. I can't even...

• My husband and I and a couple friends decided to visit a new local church and we loved it! It's very small but very personal which is something we've been sorely lacking at our current church. I'm extremely shy and I need people to want to get to know me or else it doesn't happen. I'm trying to work on that but as it was the people at this church were coming to me, and I really appreciated it. Also, there's a fantastic BBQ joint right next door and this happened. 

• I went on bike ride with a friend that turned out to be like finding treasure! We rode up to a familiar park only to find that they had created the most magical 13 mile bike path behind it! It was all trees, sunset, and wildflowers. Gorgeous. 

• Memorial Day! We didn't have plans until late so we slept in, got lunch, walked around a park then went to my grandparents for a little cookout where my dad joined us. He was in the Air Force and is now in the National Guard so we like to make it special for him. Although, he is on the verge of taking his fit test soon so I brought roasted veggies and those healthy brownie bites made from dates which he dubbed downies. After that we went to a friends for the second bonfire that weekend. A perfect ending. 

And now it's Wednesday. And it's raining.  Welcome back real life. Here's hoping for another great weekend! 

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