Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Catch up

Life had been pretty good lately! Here's a bit about what's been filling my days. 

1) Garage saling. I live for garage sales. It has been deeply ingrained in me by my mother and grandmother to the  worriment of my husband. There are a few sales that we wait for every year and it's quite the event. Well, for old ladies like me that is. I went with my friend this year and we bumped into my nana a couple times during the hunt ;) I took home a purse, 3 dvd's, a shirt, 6 books, Christmas and fall decorations, and a galvanized tub for $22! It's wonderful I tell you. 
2) I started a 31 day scripture challenge on Instagram hosted by the lovely Kristin Schmucker. Everyday you take a picture and write about what you've been reading. I've loved being encouraged by all the other photos I see as well as being held accountable to be in His word everyday. It's been quite a blessing thus far. 
3) I started an herb garden and I just love it. It has satisfied my gardening bug enough to last me until the weather really warms up. I plan on doing a vegetable garden this year and have already planted 5 raspberry bushes, a bing cherry tree, and have a random strawberry patch coming in nicely. My little planter is already looking a little wild so I need to start actual using the herbs instead of just smelling them ;)
4) I made homemade whipped cream to put on my strawberries on a whim. It was wonderful. That is all. 
5) We got to babysit my in-laws beagle, Sophie. I call her little watermelon because, well, she is very reminiscent of one. She's as sweet as can be and was a joy to have around the house even for a few hours. We went for a walk and she just snuggled on down with us until it was time for her to leave. 
6) My friend and I went to Royal Oak to have lunch and do a little browsing. We ended up at a great restaurant called Pronto and we both ordered the vegetarian farmers market sandwich and it was fantastic! Herbed cream cheese. Mmmm. We also hit up trader joes (my first time!) and I spent way to much money...a comom issue with customers, I hear. 
Until next time!

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