Sunday, March 9, 2014

Tibby & Pearl

Pearl on the left, Tibby on the right
Hello! I'd like to introduce you to my two little kitty babies. Their names are Tibby and Pearl. Or as I affectionately call them, fluffy butt and little girl. These cats. They are my little rays of sunshine and never fail to crack me up. They have quite the love hate relationship. One minute they're performing circus-level acrobatics chasing each other around the house and the next they're snuggled next to each other napping. I've always been a cat person, maybe because I grew up with cats (with the exception of a dachshund and a few carnival-won goldfish along the way). I don't know but regardless, I love these two and their ridiculous ways and want to share them with you! 

 Tibby is just delightful.  Me and my husband adopted him only a couple months after we got married. I call him puppy cat because of all his friendly dog-like qualities. He loves company and being snuggled, he is basically a rag doll. I can literally lay him around my neck and walk around and he's totally cool with it. Oh and he is THE most talkative cat I've ever come in contact with. His dog-likeness even extends into his meow. When he gets really intense there is a distinct MOW-WOW sound that he makes and he even holds it out longer than normal.

Then there's Pearl. She's fairly new around here; my friend found her wandering around her neighborhood looking starved to death and knew I'd take her in, being the crazy cat lady that I am. And we did! She is just precious. She has totally adjusted to the life of an indoor cat and hasn't tried to get out once.  She is very mild mannered and loves cuddling in her own way. We call her the mountain goat. She will literally find the smallest surface on your body and settle down. Like, the end of your knee or when you lay on your side, she will go up and lay on your hip. She also likes to camp out in the middle of my back if I'm on my stomach. She doesn't want to be picked up but she DOES want to be wherever you are which is just the cutest.

So there they are my little dumplins'. I'm sure you'll see a lot more of them around here. Any other crazy cat ladies out there? I feel ya.


  1. What beautiful cats! I have been hankering for a cat lately (odd for me because I don't really like the added time it takes to care for a pet) but husband is highly alergic!

    1. Thank you so much! Yeah I'm thankful I love the most low-maintenance pets ;)