Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Snow Day

      I was on my way to work yesterday morning when this happened:
The TOW TRUCK got stuck. It was blocking the on ramp to the freeway so I snapped this picture and sent it to my boss and she told me to just turn around and go home. Best boss ever and snow day for me! So without further a due, here is a list of the wildly unproductive things I did with it.

·         Took a bubble bath, candles and all. I want to find an actual BUBBLE bath though. I always just squeeze some body wash under the running water but that equals approximately 3 bubbles. BUT I did have this wonderful lavender-coconut oil sugar scrub my friend made me as a gift and that totally made it! But I do think it's time to bring Mr. Bubbles.
·         Snuggled down with the hubby and watched Selena. Odd choice you say? Well I’m a quarter Mexican {My mom being half and my grandma all} and in my family you WILL love this movie. I spotted it at Target for $5 last week and snapped it up because I just couldn’t not and since we literally had nothing better to do {shoveling snow doesn’t count} we watched it. And I cried. Like I do every time.

·         Started Rainbow Rowell’s Attachments and so far I really like it. I’ll do a review when I’m finished. And yes those are spaghettios in that cup. Apparently this weather is severely impairing my food judgment. It was a delicious 50 degrees yesterday and I could practically smell burgers in the air and promptly went and got one for myself. I didn’t even have the presence of mind to grab my husband something. Nope. Just me. And the bleezard today somehow had me grabbing a can of spaghettios off the shelf. I’m filled with shame and at the same time so so satisfied.

·         Went to dinner with a friend and just enjoyed some quality girl time while our hesrbernds were out.

A perfectly relaxing day that I am so thankful for! Hope you got a snow day too!

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