Monday, May 4, 2015

Its a ...

BOY! A beautiful baby boy! I knew it all along. Just Kidding. But really I kind of did. Everyone I asked(besides  my grandma, the only one who thought girl) thought it was a boy and I had several dream fairly early on that it was a boy. One where I gave birth in the boy clothing department at Target (that's right) and one where I took HIM to the grocery store and he desperately wanted an $11 box of popsicles and I capitulated stick out in particular. I truly believe that God confirmed in my heart that he was a he to prepare me. I had always thought that I'd want a girl when the time came, mainly because there are no boys in my family and the thought of raising a boy terrified me. Having those dreams got me seriously thinking about raising a little boy and the more I thought the less terrified I became. In fact I started to plan things as though I already knew it was a boy. I started pinning boy nursery ideas and mainly blue shower ideas. I kept telling people that if it wasn't a boy I wasn't going to be disappointed by any means but I would be extremely shocked.

So when the day came me and Josh excitedly got ready (me in a blue shirt which I totally didn't notice until Josh pointed it out later) and hopped in the car making last minute guesses.  It was so funny, when I laid down on the table the ultrasound tech told me to pull up my shirt which ended up taking much longer than it should have because I kept subconsciously pulling it back down! She kept saying pull it up and I would say ok while pulling it back down half a second later! I had to eventually tuck it into my bra and put my hands down. She was like you better get used to it because a lot more than your stomach is going to be showing in a couple months! Thanks for the reminder. Anyway, it seemed like forever as she measured every little part of him before getting to the *ahem* area, but I made sure not to jump the gun and ask beforehand because I'm sure she gets that all the time. FINALLY she said 'Its a boy!" and I said "IT IS?!?" and looked at Josh with the biggest smile ever. She asked me if I had secretly wanted a boy and I said no I just knew it was ;) Josh was excited too because he actually HAD wanted a boy and when the tech made the announcement he said "are you sure?" and she then confirmed it with a very clear picture. Ha. After that we got a couple sweet profile shots of him, my favorite being the one above because he had been moving his little arm like he was waving. It was so amazing to feel him kick or punch and seeing it on the screen at the same time. They weren't able to get the last shot they needed so we are scheduled to go back in a couple weeks for another ultrasound and I'm super excited that we get to see him again so soon.

Both of our families were chomping at the bit to find out. A lot of my family lives out of state so we decided not to do the whole gender reveal party thing and just call everyone to share the news ASAP. It was so sweet, as soon as we got into the parking lot my grandparents were there waiting. My grandma got out of the car to hug me and we made them guess one more time before telling. She stuck to her guns about girl and when we announced boy she said "oh no its the first time I've ever been wrong!" and my grandpa started fist pumping in excitement all over the place. I showed my grandma the ultrasound pictures and my grandpa was reaching through the car window shouting let me see! It made it even more of a special day to have them right there to share in the excitement. After that we face-timed my mom and sister in Wisconsin and my mama cried happy tears. We called my dad and he was just beyond thrilled. We visited Josh's family after grabbing something to eat and they were all so happy. His dad and our brother-in-law were especially excited about him being a him and bonus! His due date is my father-n-laws birthday!

SO, we are both very excited and I'm planning things full force now which has been a lot of fun. We started our registry a couple days after finding out, which was fun for like the first hour but when we were still in the same little section after almost two we decided to give it a rest and come back later. Which we still haven't done. Ha. Oh the other thing that I was really happy about was that we found out the sex before the big garage sales started. I went with my grandma (the garage saleing queen) this past weekend and we got a brand new baby carrier and bouncy seat and snagged a $3 car/wagon thing. Good stuff. I'm so excited to be visiting my mom and sisters in WI this coming weekend. My one sister probably wont be able to make it to the shower so I'm happy to spend some time with her while pregnant since I probably wont see her until little boy makes his appearance. I have high hopes of shower planning, lots of laughs, pedicures, and my mamas cooking. I can't wait! Well that's all for now!


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